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Reviewing Reports at Desk
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Anna Donato is a certified professional coach, trainer and speaker. A catalyst for empowering and equipping individuals to steward the leader within themselves so that they can lead their teams, organizations or businesses. She inspires individuals to utilize tried and true principles/practices used by some of the greatest leaders in the world. Helping them reach their goals and equipping them with the tools to surpass them.

She currently offers 2 assessments that can help individuals, teams, organizations and businesses gain awareness of their value, where they are currently and the growth (mindset and leadership application) required to move towards the vision.


Self-Awareness is the first step to realizing your and/or your teams potential. Leading you to where we want to go.

Validated assessments can help us gain insight into our wiring, our thought process, our strengths, blind spots, leadership style, communication style and perceptions based on our experiences. It can also bring insight to motivation, attitude, expected behavior and preferred communication that can influence the individual and the team's success or failure. Impacting the company's performance, effectiveness and ultimately profitability.

Understanding your own strength and gifting helps you know your value. Helping your teams understand themselves and the gifting and strength that each team member brings to the table can help to inspire appreciation and collaboration. It can also bring a leader the ability to know how to best utilize everyone's gifts.


Leadership Game

Leadership principles can carry consequences or benefits. Apply them and increase your influence. Ignore or violate them and your ability to lead others will suffer.

Put your leadership to the test when you PLAY THE GAME!


The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to assist you and your team to better understand the core values and principles of healthy leadership.

Benefits of this Leadership Tool:

  • Team Building Using a Fun, Engaging Tool. The Leadership Game is a board game that allows everyone to gather around the table. It is the best team-building tool…ever!

  • Open Sharing and Communication. Every question and discussion card is designed to engage open, honest feedback in a relaxed setting.

  • Leadership Skills assessment. The Game challenges your team members to embrace who they are as leaders.

  • A Step Towards Stronger Relationships. By the end of the Game, team members will learn to appreciate one another and forge stronger relationships – a winning edge for any business!

  • Discover ways to strengthen your team's leadership abilities.


Through this game, you will be able to raise the leadership awareness of your team and introduce the timeless principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection.


Play the game with 6-12 of your most influential leaders and find out how "Every one of the laws can be learned".

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Maxwell DISC Method 

We're all wired differently and therefore think, communicate and lead differently. The better we can understand ourselves, the better we can understand others.

The Maxwell DISC Method Report is a behavioral and communication assessment that helps us learn about our unique wiring and the value that others bring to the table. It combines William Marstons DISC theory, known as the international language of personalities, with the teachings of John Maxwell who offers an action plan built from the best practices and leadership principles . It will help you gain awareness of your unique behavior style, recognizing your strengths, limitations, expectations, fears, blind spots and the environment that helps your style thrive.

This assessment is also available with a specific focus on a certain area of interest such as the Entrepreneur Report, the Team Report, the College and Career Impact Report and the Benchmark & Interview Report which helps to create a benchmark for a staff role and for candidates to take.

Confidence comes through finding and using our competence!

Discover how you can bring your best self forward. 

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