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Life has a way of coming at us all at once. Often catching us unaware and leading us to wrong conclusions. Creating mental barriers, misunderstandings and disconnects. The demands, pressure and mounting stress in todays workplace can lead us to  miscommunicate, errors and possibly impact our results. We are trying our best but having difficulty in moving our professional and/or personal life on the right track. This is where an Empowerment Coach may be able to help you.




Coaching is an on-going conversation where I will provide encouragement, guidance and honest feedback, as you pursue YOUR personal and professional goals.  I fully expect you to grow and attain your goals!

In today’s competitive environment, some of the most successful business and organizational leaders have experienced tremendous benefits from coaching.  Results have included increased revenue and productivity, career advancement, higher employee retention, the development of more effective business strategies and an increased level of effective communication in both professional and personal relationships.


My coaching is lead by the perspective that you are inherently creative and resourceful. My responsibility is to understand you and how you're wired. Uncovering your strengths and successes. Helping you recognize your strengths. Stretching and gently growing you to insights and perspectives that lift your mental barriers so that you can steward your strengths to realize your potential.


It's a unique relationship focused on you, your priorities and goals in which you gain clarity, focus, execution and the growth (mentally, physically, spiritually) necessary to achieve the results you really want. You will define the agenda.  Your results will vary depending on how long we work together and what actions YOU take. 



Partnering with you in achieving your goals, priorities, aspirations. My responsibility is to provide content, insight, wisdom, ideas, and feedback.  Your responsibility is to move from awareness to action and accountability. 

The objectives of coaching include, but are not limited to:

  • Being a sounding board

  • Supporting your growth past your limiting beliefs

  • Increasing accountability of your personal and professional goals

  • Improving specific skills related to your role or the role you would like to achieve.  Such as managerial skills, communication, conflict resolution, time management, productivity, and effectiveness

  • Relationship development and becoming a person of influence

  • Reinforcing the application of connecting utilizing the Maxwell DISC Method in order to increase the effectiveness of communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Mentoring


Format: Virtually or by phone.


Coaching Options: 


Coaching is a marathon, rather than a sprint! In order to get the most value, all coaching programs require a minimum of one year time invested. They can run weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 


Coaching Sessions can be purchased singly, in sets of 6 or as a combo One-on-One Coaching /Training Learning Program based on John Maxwell's Learning Systems.  A combo program can run from 6 to 12 weeks (90 - minute session).


Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have.

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